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I am under Dr.’s orders to use a specialty brand of soap for a medical condition. In order to not have any more of my medication than needed go down the drain I keep it on the outside the shower. I lather up and rinse off as quick as I can in the shower then stop and put the soap dish back outside the shower stall. This way none of the soap is being washed away while I wash my hair or shave. I find the soap lasts at least twice as long this way and at $4 a bar it’s worth it because IYAMCHEAP.

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Rather than spend $100+ on a new cat tree, my husband and I took an old vanity someone had thrown out, disassembled it, and reassembled it to make a sturdy tower. A quick trip to a carpet remnant store later, and we had a 5′ tall, sturdy, completely carpeted cat tree for $20. The cats don’t care that IYAMCHEAP.

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I convert really tiny miniskirts that I find at the thrift store into fashionable shorts.

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Live alone,so this works.I bathe,not shower,but stress about the amt of H20($$) wasted. I keep a plastic bucket with handle and a ‘jug of beer’ sized jug in the bathroom.I follow flushing rules for cheapos(flush only when solid)and use retained bathwater. The full bucket, poured 1/2 and then 1/2 again in quick succession is perfect to flush down everything and more. The jug serves to refill the bowl with standing H20.I don’t drain & wash tub ’til next bathtime so I can keep dipping.IYAMCHEAP
I wanted to add to my previous story. I usually have some sort of ‘smell pretty’ bath salts or additive in the bathwater, which is an added bonus for keeping the toilet smelling sweet!IYAMCHEAP

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My husband likes to rebuild old computers. I’m crafty. He gives me the hard drive rings and magnets. I use the rings to make jewelry (they’re made out of aluminum, just like a lot of the jewelry rings you find in craft stores) and use the magnets to find pins and needles I have dropped on the floor. Saves money and our feet. IYAMCHEAP.

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When making tea for more than one person, you can reuse teabags as follows:

If there are two cups: Make one tea first, then use the same teabag in the next cup, but leave to brew twice as long.

If making three cups: Make two cups with new teabags, and make the third using both of the other two.


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I drive around town and look in dumpsters.. not for trash, for cardboard boxes not too far in, that don’t have trash or foodstuff on them, take them home, re-assemble them into box-shape with some tape, and use them to ship the things I sell on ebay. Free publications around town of various types (GreenSheet is one locally, another is a spanish one) can be balled up into small balls. Fill the empty spaces in the boxes with balled up paper. Keeps costs down for selling online. IYAMCHEAP.

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In order to save money on water (and help the environment), I take Rationing Era Baths instead of showers. I fill the tub with five to six inches of water. While it’s filling, I fill a pitcher of water and set it aside. I dunk my hair, shampoo, scrub my body, and drain the tub. I use the pitcher to rinse everything off with clean water so I don’t end up with itchy soap scum stuck to me. Then I spray a (homemade) leave-in conditioner onto my hair. IYAMCHEAP.

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