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I drive around town and look in dumpsters.. not for trash, for cardboard boxes not too far in, that don’t have trash or foodstuff on them, take them home, re-assemble them into box-shape with some tape, and use them to ship the things I sell on ebay. Free publications around town of various types (GreenSheet is one locally, another is a spanish one) can be balled up into small balls. Fill the empty spaces in the boxes with balled up paper. Keeps costs down for selling online. IYAMCHEAP.

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I love books, but my library is tiny and doesn’t have a lot of choice. I discovered Waterstone’s Marketplace, where people can buy and sell used books at low prices. I sold a ton of books I don’t have space for, and managed to buy some childhood favourites for 65p each! They are in excellent condition – perfect for when I have kids. IYAMCHEAP.

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A bookstore in my town went out of business recently. They threw a bunch of their books into a dumpster outside the store. My sister and I pulled a trunkful of them out and should be able to sell them online for at least $400; the best part is someone else gets to use the books, rather than have them go to the dump! IYAMCHEAP

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I work in a department store that’s connected to a mall, and the mall rents clunky plastic strollers for $1. People typically park in our parking lot, come through our store and rent the strollers out in the mall. When they are finished, the take the strollers up to the door to our parking lot, and leave the stroller there. I then return those same strollers to the rental machine, and collect their 50 cent deposit. IYAMCHEAP.

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My fiance and I are celebrating Valentine’s Day the day before at home, with a couple of steaks we got on sale and a bottle of wine we got as a gift. Then, I am working Valentine’s Day evening as a server, getting money from all the people blowing $300 on dinner. IYAMCHEAP

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Whenever I want something that I can’t afford, I look for labs collecting samples or vaccine clinical trials. I got $200 to inhale saline and cough it back up, and $500 to test a flu vaccine. I also got to buy the kindle I’d been lusting after for months without shifting my budget around. IYAMCHEAP

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I am a head tenant. I’ve deliberately rented a house with an extra room, one I won’t have housemates in (we divide the rent between us). I’ve furnished it and I rent it out for short term stays, for a nightly price that is cheaper than a hotel but per week adds up to half our rent. Extra money for us to buy food or things for the house! :) I’ve already bought a hammock, etc. The more cool things we have, the more people want to stay. IYAMCHEAP.

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Last week, two friends and I were craving chicken wings. We went to the cheapest place in town and bought all the wings they had in stock, plus a few sauces (rang up to around $150). We then facebooked all of our friends and had a “$10 unlimited wing night” where people could come over and have unlimited wings for $10. We made a few bucks, hung out with friends, and had left over chicken wings to spare! This is why IYAMCHEAP.

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