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I wanted a nice thick rug to put beside my bed, but the price of a decent rug was quite daunting. As I was looking around I found a how-to on braiding rugs and crocheting rag rugs…. and dug out my craft supplies. Now I have a nice thick rug, only having had to buy a couple thrift store bedsheets to finish it off. 4’x6′ rug for less than $20… approximate savings? Hundreds. IYAMCOMFY and IYAMCHEAP

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Saw on TV, make-up saver ideas:
Buy slightly darker shade of liquid foundation and thin it with moisturizer.
Use Witch Hazel as toner, add drop of essential oil to smell nice.
Use egg whites for facial firming.
Use mayonnaise on hair for weekly deep conditioning.
Use fresh pineapple juice (not pasturized) to inhibit hair regrowth on legs, etc.
Use lemons on elbows & heels to soften skin.
Eat more red/orange/yellow vegetables to get richer/rosier skin.

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I live in the British Columbia okanagan, we are known for our fantastic growing conditions. During the harvest season I go to the keremeos fruit stands (cheapest in the okanagan) and buy all my fruit and vegetables in bulk. I can find cherries, apples, pickling cucumbers, beans, peppers, tomatoes, onions, etc for 30-40 cents/lb, then I go home and can them. Then all winter long I have cheap fruits vegetables sauces and salsas. They also make great Christmas gifts

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I use sheets I get at thrift stores to make sleepwear and gym clothes. I get 4-5 yards of 100% cotton (often in pretty or fun prints) rather than paying $ 7.00 a yard at the fabric store or $15 for a set of PJs. IYAMCHEAP.

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I drive around town and look in dumpsters.. not for trash, for cardboard boxes not too far in, that don’t have trash or foodstuff on them, take them home, re-assemble them into box-shape with some tape, and use them to ship the things I sell on ebay. Free publications around town of various types (GreenSheet is one locally, another is a spanish one) can be balled up into small balls. Fill the empty spaces in the boxes with balled up paper. Keeps costs down for selling online. IYAMCHEAP.

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I make my plant markers from old mini blinds. I cut a deep V at one end that goes in the ground and mark the top part with the name of the plant or row of seeds I’m planting. I also use anything I think would look neat as a plant pot outside: old wheel barrow, a picker’s basket, coal scuttles, even a toilet tank. A leather strap then hangs the basket on the tree on an old hook I found. It grows great shade plants like Begonias and Impatience plants. One year, I even planted a boot that had been thrown in the ditch by our place! IYAMCHEAP

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I like giving gifts for holidays and special occasions, but don’t see the point in spending money on wrappings that will just get tossed aside. I also get “junk” catalogs and fliers that are typically printed on colorful, glossy paper, so I’ve taken to using those as wrapping paper! My friends and family think it’s clever, and it’s much less tedious than hoping you can reuse paper from what was given to you; IYAMCHEAP.

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I got myself a crockpot. Getting meals ready with a hectic college schedule is impossible sometimes. Now I throw some inexpensive and healthy (veggies, beans, little to no meat) soup/chili recipe in the crockpot while I do homework and clean the house. The crockpot is huge, so it makes enough for me and my boyfriend to have dinner, and leftovers all the next day. Far better than fast food! IYAMCHEAP

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