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I make my own cleaning products. Equal amounts of white vinegar + water in a plastic spray bottle costs far less than commercial window cleaner, is every bit as effective, & smells better. Baking soda + liquid castille soap works for cleaning sinks, stovetops, and messy counters, and is cheaper than a bottle of liquid scrub from the cleaning aisle of the grocery store. Borax comes in huge boxes, and is great for all kinds of uses, especially heavy scrubbing. Iam eco-friendly and IYAMCHEAP.

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For Christmas my fiancé and I don’t have a lot to spend on presents, but he has a lot of people in his family! For most of his (and my) relatives (aunts, uncles, etc.), we buy chocolate and baking supplies and mould our on chocolates, make almond bark, and bake cookies, then wrap them up in Christmas tins and on cute Christmas plates the dollar store sells (they’re only $1.25 already at Christmas, but after Christmas any with obvious Christmas patterns go on sale for 50 or 25 cents!) IYAMCHEAP

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When i clean the lint out of the dryer I dont throw it away, instead I put it in empty egg crates and use it as a fire starter log. I dont throw away lint, or egg crates and dont waste money on fire starters. Sometimes you even get a fresh cotton scent before the fire really gets going. IYAMCHEAP

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I have allergies that make buy air freshener costly, and I live in a large apartment building with little ventilation,so it’s really unpleasant if things get stagnant. So instead of buying pricey hypoallergenic products, I buy peppermint extract, dilute with a little bit of water and spritz as needed. Instead of “odor neutralizing” pots, I mix baking soda, peppermint, and a little bit of rice in a tin. It helps get rid of humidity and keep things fresh. Iyamcheap

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Free/cheap sources for craft goodies: Junk mail -Nice images, security envelopes with cool pattens on the inside, stuff that can be shredded for gift baskets. Hardware stores-cheaper than a craft store – containers, ball chains & washers to add to scrapbook pages, multicolored duct tape, lots of cool stuff. Antique stores – for paper ephemera like old greeting cards, advertising pages, etc. that can be scanned & used for digi art /printed for collage. I love crafting & IYAMCHEAP

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Last time I was in need of a bookcase, I checked the stores and was pretty uncomfortable with prices. So I hit the local construction materials store and went back home with some planks and screws and other stuff I needed; they were even so kind to saw them by my measures for free. One evening lacquering, another one assembling, and I have a nice floor-to-ceiling bookcase, made of good pine, which costs me less than a beaver-board one and fits into the apartment much better, because IYAMCHEAP.

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I have long hair with bangs. My hair doesn’t need to be trimmed often, but my bangs need to be trimmed every few weeks. Rather than pay to have it done, I bought a pair of inexpensive hair cutting scissors and do it myself at home. It’s easy to do in front of a mirror, and IYAMCHEAP.

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I convert really tiny miniskirts that I find at the thrift store into fashionable shorts.

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