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For Christmas my fiancé and I don’t have a lot to spend on presents, but we both love giving gifts. This year we did most of our shopping at the dollar store, the discount department store, and warehouse sales! For our grandmothers we bought body lotion, scented candles, bubble bath, and other bath essentials all at the dollar store! Then we got a reusable plastic basket and wrapped everything up in it. Each basket which would have cost over $50 in the store cost us less than $20!!!

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I wanted a nice thick rug to put beside my bed, but the price of a decent rug was quite daunting. As I was looking around I found a how-to on braiding rugs and crocheting rag rugs…. and dug out my craft supplies. Now I have a nice thick rug, only having had to buy a couple thrift store bedsheets to finish it off. 4′x6′ rug for less than $20… approximate savings? Hundreds. IYAMCOMFY and IYAMCHEAP

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My husband likes to rebuild old computers. I’m crafty. He gives me the hard drive rings and magnets. I use the rings to make jewelry (they’re made out of aluminum, just like a lot of the jewelry rings you find in craft stores) and use the magnets to find pins and needles I have dropped on the floor. Saves money and our feet. IYAMCHEAP.

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Before buying new software, I try all the trial versions available to see which version has features I like and am willing to pay for. When the trial ends, I look around on Amazon to see if a digital download is sold for less than the price listed on the site. I also check and see what software comes bundled with Wacom tablets, because it might be an older version, but no where near out dated . I saved about $80 on a new tablet and software I like! IYAMCHEAP

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Saw on TV, make-up saver ideas:
Buy slightly darker shade of liquid foundation and thin it with moisturizer.
Use Witch Hazel as toner, add drop of essential oil to smell nice.
Use egg whites for facial firming.
Use mayonnaise on hair for weekly deep conditioning.
Use fresh pineapple juice (not pasturized) to inhibit hair regrowth on legs, etc.
Use lemons on elbows & heels to soften skin.
Eat more red/orange/yellow vegetables to get richer/rosier skin.

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I live in the British Columbia okanagan, we are known for our fantastic growing conditions. During the harvest season I go to the keremeos fruit stands (cheapest in the okanagan) and buy all my fruit and vegetables in bulk. I can find cherries, apples, pickling cucumbers, beans, peppers, tomatoes, onions, etc for 30-40 cents/lb, then I go home and can them. Then all winter long I have cheap fruits vegetables sauces and salsas. They also make great Christmas gifts

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free small hot/iced coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts today (9/29/2013) for national coffee day. Not sure if the coupon is available any other place but you can find it under “offers” in your mobile app ( android/ iPhone).

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i am currently trying to loose weight but was needing new jeans. my mom gave me some Kohl’s cash to get me a new pair. By looking for ones on sale, i got a $50 pair of Levi’s for $20. And because i got the size that was just a bit too small, i will not only have an incentive to loose the weight but also have something that i will be able to wear longer than the larger size because IYAMCHEAP!

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