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I went to my local fabric store and bought $300 worth of patterns for $15. That is a 93% savings! I got enough projects to last me the next few years. This is the only time I buy patterns. IYAMCHEAP

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I’m a college student buying food for myself for the first time. There is some I haven’t opened yet and don’t predict I’ll use by the time the semester ends. I know some of the big stores have easy return policies even without a receipt so I’ve gone in there a few times with unopened food and just gotten store credit! I buy things I know I’ll eat instead and it means I’m not spending any more money. IYAMCHEAP.

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We live abroad in France and have lots of friends and acquaintances who have moved here for a year or two and then move back to their homes. When they’re leaving, they often have left-over basic supplies (trash bags, flour, boullion cubes, olive oil…) plus dishes and tupperware. Instead of them throwing it away, we collect it all and either use it ourselves or give the supplies to others. We save the dishes and etc. and give them to the next group of teachers to come over! IAMCHEAP!

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I use gas saving tips like slowing down when I approach a red light. If it turns green before I get to it, I don’t lose momentum having to stop. Years ago, Shell engineers found that driving at 35 mph was the most efficient speed for non-highway use. Others include having tires inflated to the right pressure and not turning the A/C on high, particularly when the vehicle is under a load like going up a steep road.


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We used to just refill our dog’s bowl every time it was empty. Then I went to my vet and she told me exactly how much food to feed him, which was a lot less than I thought! We’re saving at least half a bag a month, he’s lost some weight, and he acts like a puppy again! Also I stopped buying expensive dog treats and give him organic baby carrots instead, which are healthier for him, and better for me because IYAMCHEAP.

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I make my plant markers from old mini blinds. I cut a deep V at one end that goes in the ground and mark the top part with the name of the plant or row of seeds I’m planting. I also use anything I think would look neat as a plant pot outside: old wheel barrow, a picker’s basket, coal scuttles, even a toilet tank. A leather strap then hangs the basket on the tree on an old hook I found. It grows great shade plants like Begonias and Impatience plants. One year, I even planted a boot that had been thrown in the ditch by our place! IYAMCHEAP

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My family is notorious for using a lot of tomato sauce for pasta and parmesans, etc. After pouring the sauce out of the container, there’s always some left behind. In order not to waste it, we put some water inside the jar, put the lid on tightly and shake it until there is nothing left on the sides. When we pour it out into the sauce we have warming up, we get a little extra. An added bonus is that we don’t have to rinse out the jar before recycling it. IYAMCHEAP/WE ARE CHEAP

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I save around $30/month by shaving with a straight razor instead of my five blade cartridge razor. For a little less than $100, I had a complete straight shaving kit in hand, and the shaves are much better to boot! In just a year’s time, I’ve saved approximately $250 with the price of the kit included. The savings only add up after that! IYAMCHEAP.

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