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Buying in bulk is great, but WHAT you’re buying is just as important as HOW MUCH of it you’re getting. Boneless skinless chicken thighs are usually cheaper, and more flavorful, than breasts. They’re not as dry when cooked, and can be used in just about any recipe where chicken breasts are called for. Yeah, they’re a little higher in calories, but it’s worth it to me, because IYAMCHEAP.

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When I go to the nearby fast food place, I usually order the same thing every time. In total, I end up with 2 sandwiches, a large fries, and a large drink. The combo deals are priced differently, but the sandwiches are the same price, so I always order the cheaper combo and the extra sandwich. This way I save $0.10, because IYAMCHEAP

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After moving north of Toronto, I noticed my hair falling out and my skin drying up because of chlorine and hard water, so I bought an Ecowater water refiner. Best company in the business, and now I spend much less on lotions and other stuff, and because it makes the water soft I can use up to 50% less soap for everything! Not only that, but my clothes last longer too, and cleaning everything is super easy! IYAMCHEAP

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Instead of buying Febreeze I buy fabric softener when it’s on sale, mix it with water, fill it in a spraying bottle and use it to freshen up clothes as well as my couch and curtains. My apartment always smells like fresh laundry and IYAMCHEAP.

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Instead of going to conventional movie theaters, my sister and I take the kids (and her husband) to the drive in movie theaters to catch a new flick. It costs about 7 dollars for an adult and 1 dollar for a child under 12 years old. They have “family nights” on Tuesdays so the price is even cheaper; it comes out to less than twenty dollars for the whole family! Even if the kids fall asleep before the second movie, it’s still worth it. We even bring our own snacks and drinks.

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Because the tap water in the town where I attend college is gross, I have unfortunately gotten into the (expensive) habit of buying bottled water. However, I still buy whatever happens to be the cheapest, and I make sure I return ALL the bottles so I get back my entire deposit, which I’m going to start saving to buy a decent water filter because it’s better for the environment and my wallet. Even though IYAMCHEAP now, IYAM(going to be)CHEAPer.

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I live on my own. When I buy meat, I’ll get a large slab of it. I bring it home, cut it up into one-person portions, wrap it in cellophane, and freeze them. If I need meat for a meal, I’ll defrost just one portion. I only need to buy meat every month or so. IYAMCHEAP.

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I am under Dr.’s orders to use a specialty brand of soap for a medical condition. In order to not have any more of my medication than needed go down the drain I keep it on the outside the shower. I lather up and rinse off as quick as I can in the shower then stop and put the soap dish back outside the shower stall. This way none of the soap is being washed away while I wash my hair or shave. I find the soap lasts at least twice as long this way and at $4 a bar it’s worth it because IYAMCHEAP.

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