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1283 | Akron, PA, USA | USA | | Comments

I have convinced three different coworkers to give me their coupon inserts from their newspapers because I think $1.50 is too much to spend weekly for my own paper. So, each week, I get three of each coupon! IYAMCHEAP.

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1278 | Reading, PA, USA | USA | | Comments

A couple of my friends and I like to go out to eat a couple times a month to catch up. The problem with that is that we all have college bills to pay, one of us is planning a wedding, and only one of us has a full-time job. Our solution? We only go out after 9 pm and only to places that have half-price appetizers. We’ve found a few places in our area that offer specials on drinks too. Last time we went, I got queso, a giant bowl of chips, and a few Guinness’s for less than $10. IYAMCHEAP

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1275 | Wisconsin, USA | USA | | Comments

I visit a freebie message board I have bookmarked called Slickdeals. I’ve gotten great freebies from this website, from magazine subscriptions to food to clothes! Simply takes a ‘junk’ email you don’t mind spam being sent to and a few minutes of your time to check what is new (I do it each day). There is even a section where you can look into taking surveys and what sites are good. The people who visit rate each post so it’s fairly easy to tell what is a good idea or not! IYAMCHEAP

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1411 | Denver, CO, USA | USA | | Comments

I buy all my kids clothes at ARC or Goodwill on their 1/2 off Saturdays. When I can outfit 2 growing kids for a week for under $20 in nice clothes…SCORE! The only things I buy brand new for them are undies (hygiene) and shoes (fit and length of wear). Most of all IYAMCHEAP!

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1276 | Denver, CO, USA | USA | | Comments

I buy bread at the discount bread stores. It is often 2-3 day old bread that is less than 1/2 the cost of even sale bread at the grocery store. So I get the really healthy fiber rich breads for a lot less. IYAMCHEAP!

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1273 | Ontario, Canada | Canada | | Comments

Every time I get wings, I save the towelettes I don’t use and stash them in my car. IYAMCHEAP

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1272 | Red Oak, IA, USA | USA | | Comments

Whenever I get things sent to me in boxes, I save the boxes and packing materials, and reuse them to send things to other people. It saves the hassle of trying to find a box, and since one of my friends lives in a country where she has to buy boxes to ship things, it saves her money. Plus, it amuses the heck out of me when a box has clearly traveled a lot. IYAMCHEAP

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1264 | Michigan, USA | USA | , , | Comments

Going to Disney World was really expensive, so I was trying to save money on food while I was there. I came up with the concept of Food Court PB&J. My hotel’s food court sold packages of two slices of bread for 50 cents. I then took packets of peanut butter and jelly from the condiment section and made PB&Js. I’d make three of them in the morning before I went to the parks and take the extras with me to eat during the day. IYAMCHEAP

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