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Instead of buying shipping envelopes to send things, I reuse all my old ones that I had when I was online shopping. I never have to buy them. IYAMCHEAP

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I like to do my grocery shopping on Sunday mornings (or as early as the store opens on Sunday) because that’s when the day-old rack in the bakery section is loaded up. I get bread, buns, danishes, and sometimes even pies and cakes for half price. IYAMCHEAP

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Today, I spent under nine dollars at Goodwill on three 2XL mens shirts. I’m modifying them into new dresses for myself. IYAMCHEAP

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Whenever I go to conventions, I pick up a package of ramen on the way, and bring a bowl. When I get to the hotel, I use the coffee pot to make hot water to cook the ramen. I don’t have to buy expensive meals, leaving my money for the convention itself, because IYAMCHEAP.

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I save money on bottled water by putting my grandparents’ well water in old iced tea jugs whenever I visit. Our tap water is disgusting and seems unaffected by filters. IYAMCHEAP (also, fortunate)

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I make homemade playdough. It’s just flour, salt, oil, cream of tartar, water, and food colouring. It’s super easy and cheaper than storebought AND it works just as well. IYAMCHEAP

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I went to the thrift store on a lark and ended up finding a beautiful black wool coat with corset lacing on the back for $10. It was missing a ribbon that laced up the back and had a tiny cut in it less than two inches long, but the thrift store people then marked the coat down to $2 because of those imperfections! I fixed both issues myself and have since found out that the same coat, brand new, MSRP’s for over a hundred bucks! IYAMCHEAP

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I just got over $50 worth of new Christmas stuff for $5.20. I ♥ after-season clearance time because IYAMCHEAP

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