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I use both sides of Swiffer mop cloths and wet pads! IYAMCHEAP

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I make my own jello cups for bagged lunches using half-cup disposable food containers with lids. But I don’t throw them away; I save them and reuse them until they wear out. I’ll use the same brown bag all week long too, because IYAMCHEAP.

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If you’re happy with a product, write to the company and let them know about it. They will often send you coupons and/or samples. I received over $100 in coupons this year just by thanking my favorite food-producing companies for their products. IYAMCHEAP

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1962 | Cudahy, WI | USA | | Comments

I always change my own motor oil, and I always use the brands that don’t advertise heavily because they have to meet the criteria for lubricity and viscosity that the advertised brands do. The upside is that it’s ALWAYS done correctly, no matter what, and I’ve found plenty of places on my travels that do NOT charge me to recycle, like my CHEAP local community’s dump site does. The money I save goes towards the purchase of a name brand oil filter that fits my oil filter socket nicely. IYAMCHEAP

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Sometimes I have trouble with tendonitis, and menthol patches like IcyHot and BenGay help more than anything else. They’re kinda expensive, but coupons are easy to find. I figure out which size is cheapest per square inch and buy it with the coupon. Then I cut the patches to the size I need, which doesn’t hurt their effectiveness, and put them in an airtight pouch for later. After workouts, I’m less sore and IYAMCHEAP.

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I bought my prom dress at a thrift store for under $20. Most women only use these gowns once or twice, if that, and it guarantees that no one else will have the same dress. IYAMCHEAP

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2094 | Lake Villa, IL | USA | | Comments

I have huge trash bags in my basement filled with saved packing material: styrofoam popcorn, bagged air, bubble wrap. I also save cardboard boxes. You never know when you’re going to need to ship something. Check how much it costs to buy bubble wrap before you say IYAMCHEAP.

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2098 | Vancouver, BC | Canada | | Comments

When I want to remove body hair, I use stripless body wax. Each container costs around $18. To save money, I melt the used wax until it is a thin liquid and remove the hair from it with an old tea strainer. I’ve only bought two containers in the past year and a half. So yeah, IYAMCHEAP.

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