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2965 | Fort Collins, CO, USA | | | Comments

My cellphone died. On our family plan we have upgrades for a penny so I went to get a new phone. There was a penny on the floor so it actually didn’t cost me anything. Yes, IYAMCHEAP!

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2963 | Boston, MA | | | Comments

I save the perfume samples from catalogs and magazines. This lets me try out new fragrances and have frequent change for free. As a bonus, I have asthma and used to be sensitive to fragrance. These samples are helping to desensitize me. IYAMCHEAP

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2962 | Albany, OR, USA | | | Comments

My family goes in “halvsies” with another family & buys a whole beef. We take it to a local butcher, have it cut & wrapped to our specifications (lots of steaks, roasts, stewmeat & a little ground). Our half of a beef will feed my family of 4 for over a year, at around $2 a lb, & our ground beef is so lean I don’t even have to drain the fat. IYAMCHEAP!

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2961 | Toronto, ON, Canada | | , | Comments

Somebody said they go to the hair-cutting school to get cheaper haircuts. My friend wanted to dye her hair and I accompanied her to one. While we were there, a student approached me and offered to cut my hair for free if I would agree to be his model for a job audition. Naturally, I said yes because IYAMCHEAP.

My friend was envious, but after MY haircut he offered HER the chance to be his model for a photoshoot. So she’s getting professional photos for free – SHEISCHEAP too!

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2960 | Dubuque, IA, USA | | | Comments

I don’t have a lot of spare money, but I have a cat with some minor medical problems, and it’s difficult to get her the care she needs at a price I can afford. So I check around at all the vets within a certain distance and see who can do what needs done for the least money. I’ve found a vet that will remove her abscessed tooth for just over a tenth of what the local vet wants for the procedure, because IYAMCHEAP!

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2958 | San Antonio, TX, USA | | | Comments

I have long hair with bangs. My hair doesn’t need to be trimmed often, but my bangs need to be trimmed every few weeks. Rather than pay to have it done, I bought a pair of inexpensive hair cutting scissors and do it myself at home. It’s easy to do in front of a mirror, and IYAMCHEAP.

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I’m about to graduate college and the number one money saving tip I have learned is GO TO THE GROCERY STORE. Seriously, I spend a quarter of what my friends do on food because they eat out every day. Plus I buy canned drinks to take with me to class instead of raiding a drink machine. I also eat better because while my friends are eating greasy pizza, I’m eating rice and beans with corn and drinking seltzer water. Not only only am I healthy but IYAMCHEAP

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2956 | Fort Collins, CO, USA | | | Comments

My mom cuts my hair for me because IYAMCHEAP.

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