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Living in Florida, it’s a good idea to get hurricane preparedness supplies yearly. It’ll be a while before the season opens, but my local Albertsons is having an awesome special now, where you can buy 10 (20, 30, 40…etc) of select items to get a super low rate on each. So I bought 20 3 Liter jugs of water for $.59/each vs $1.29/each. I am ready, I am thirsty, and IYAMCHEAP.

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I’m surprised that nobody has mentioned this already, reusable swiffer pads. I purchased some from an Etsy shop for $3.25 for the dry and $6.50 for the wet(and $1 shipping). I sweep using the dry one and then use my own cleaning products with the wet pads and when I am done they go to the laundry to be washed and used again. I am saving boatloads on those expensive little swiffer pads and reducing my impact. Yay! IYAMCHEAP (and proud)

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Rather than fork out $2-$5 a pop for those baking soda deodorizers for my closets, I make my own from regular baking soda and coffee filters. Fold the filter into a packet, fill it with baking soda, and the place in a closet to prevent moisture build-up and funky odors. For what some spend for a single deodorizer, I can make 20 or 30, because IYAMCHEAP.

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Instead of buying lipsticks that I rarely use that also dry out and dry my lips out, I buy the small pots of lipbalm like Carmex or Burt’s Bees. I then buy cheap blush from a dollar store. Using a cheap eye shadow brush I add a little blush to the pot and have a cheap tinted lip gloss that is better for my lips and last forever. And I can use the balm un-tinted or make it as light our dark as I want it or what ever color I want with out paying anymore. More than $500 saved so far. IYAMCHEAP!

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Whenever I order something online (usually food), I always do a quick search for coupons. Especially with pizza places I can always find a code that gives 10-20% off an online order. I don’t think I’ve paid full price for pizza in over a year. IYAMCHEAP!

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I take the paper with sensitive information (that I no longer need) and run it through the shredder (same as a lot of folks). What I do with it afterwards, though, is use it as firestarter. Not only is it even more thorough destruction of personal information, but it saves buying anything to use as firestarter (including the local newspaper- I read the news online, instead), and the ash works well in the garden…another thing I don’t have to buy, because IYAMCHEAP.

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Instead of buying fancy wrapping paper at department stores, we go to dollar stores to buy it. You can get decent paper for super cheap, and bows and tags, too, so you can still make your wrapped presents look nice. You can save even more money by reusing the paper and ribbon instead of throwing it away! IYAMCHEAP

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The grocery store near my house sells meat at a discount when it gets close to its sell-by date. It is thirty percent off two days before the sell-by date and fifty percent off the day before. I check the discount meat bin two or three times a week, so that I can end up finding any meat I am looking for at a discount. I get all my steaks for half off, roasts and pork chops for a third off. I haven’t paid full price for meat in three years because “IYAMCHEAP”.

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