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As a college student, I go through a lot of notebook paper. By the end of the quarter I end up with a lot of half-used pages. I use a paper cutter to cut off the blank parts and re-assemble them into new, smaller notepads to use for to-do lists. IYAMCHEAP!

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A lot of people like those “SteamFresh” packages of veggies now. However, at my local Shoprite, we have frozen vegetable for $0.50 cheaper, and nearly twice the size. All you have to do is microwave for 6 minutes! Like the ones with sauce? Just Google what kind you want! I make sauce with nothing but flour, water, and cheese! Also, pick up nearly-bad tomatoes, cut off the moldy parts, and make your own soups! I eat healthier, and IYAMCHEAP!

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I often buy clothes at second hand shops, and most of the times I walk out with a few shirts, costing less than €5,-. If after a year or two, they are worn out, I cut the bottoms off the shirts, cut strokes into them, and re-use them as scarfs. I also ask other people to give me their shirts if they never wear them again, and make more scarfs. This way, I save about €100,- a year on clothes, all because

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When you go to a place with a salad bar AND plated meals, see if you can choose a meal and add the unlimited salad bar as a side. The place I go adds it to any meal for $5 (the salad bar as a main would cost $13, the same as a burger and side salad bar!). Then, instead of eating your served meal, fill up on the salad bar and take the plated meal home in a doggy bag. You paid for it, eat it!

Two meals for the price of one :) I get the most out of my meals out because IYAMCHEAP

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Recently, a decorative strap on one of my dress shoes broke while I was at work. So I found a boxcutter and carefully removed the strap along with the matching strap on the other shoe. Now I don’t have to buy new shoes because IYAMCHEAP!

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