What’s IYAMCHEAP.com?

I like YAMs OM NOM NOMIYAMCHEAP.com is a delightful new way for people of all ages to share stories & tips on how to save money.

The name IYAMCHEAP is a tongue-in-cheek take on the phrase, “I am cheap.” Our mission is to find out how you save money so we can share money-saving tips. This way, we all have a bit more dough in our pockets! We do this by asking you — our awesome readers — for your advice. So, share the love (and the wealth)!

IYAMCHEAP.com is “the cheapskate brother” of the new “YAMMY” Family of sites!

What’s the YAMMY Family?

From the creators of the giggle-inducing humor website, (The Customer Is) Not Always Right, the entire YAMMY Family of sites encourages the world to share various, every day moments – don’t let those moments be forgotten!